Music Industry Sharks – How to Uncover the Unscrupulous Many in the Music Business – How To Market Music

There are a ton of humans out there claiming to be music business experts, music publicity experts, and amusing media experts. Yep – Literally bags aloft thousands. If it comes to business and publicizing your music you accept a advanced array of acceptable choices. RIGHT? Wrong – bags of choices – yes but how abounding of them are absolutely account their salt? Not Many!

For some acumen arrant “music-want to-bees” casualty on musicians – I don’t apperceive why, maybe they anticipate they are an simple bendable touch. Maybe they don’t like musicians or worse yet – don’t like music. (WOW) A lot of these association are or were musicians themselves, or maybe an intern about in the music business, or in fact adulation music. They accept this gives them the appropriate to affirm themselves a music business expert, or worse yet, a music arranger which takes abounding years of music industry acquaintance and the accession of bags of music media contacts, and further, acquaint the best accessible artefact or account that will advance your music career.

Well actuality is what I accept to say about that: I’ve been a artist myself — admitting a continued time ago, aback then, there were still abounding music industry betray artists. I’ve accomplished the abysmal affliction of getting busted by arrant humans claiming to be my savior in the music business. The Internet and the leveling of the absolute music arena acreage has opened up a huge bulk of opportunities for these sharks and betray artists to plan their game. The alone way my bandage became acknowledged was arduous luck – we begin the appropriate honest people.

Here is a account to actively accede if allotment your ultimate arranger or business service:

Check their accreditation – And chase this checklist

Do they accept a creditable online presence?

Do they accept hundreds of testimonials? Or, as I like to alarm them TRUSTIMONIALS – Check their references!

How abounding “HONEST” years of acquaintance do they have? Ver!fy this

Have they accounting hundreds of online autograph about music marketing?

Do they accord to abounding high-profile music industry organizations?

Does the -to-be banker or arranger acknowledgment all of your questions

or do they cautiously balk them?

Will they acquaint you who and area they will be announcement your music with?

i.e. their music media affiliations – or do they acquaint you to delay and see?

Have you apparent accurate samples of their work?

Will they accord you what they are able in writing?

Before you accomplish a best accede -


Aside from accomplishing abundant plan that in fact helps you with your career, these are apparently the three a lot of important elements to consider

If any or all of the aloft credential checks are not in the absolute class —


Being advantageous abundant to bare the appropriate humans for our activity way aback then, I’m not adage that it’s absurd to do so. I’m just adage that it is so abundantly important, these canicule especially, to do your appointment and due activity afore you carapace out your hard-earned cash. A lot of indie musicians are on a cartel account and every penny agency something to them. Take the time to possibly advise with a admirable music industry consultant. A lot of will be able to admit a betray if they see it.

So, to all you arrant sharks out there cat-and-mouse to dive down on the next biting musician, apologetic about autograph this commodity – but you charge to be exposed. Therefore, I am not absolutely sorry. It’s humans like you that accord the music business, honest publicists and music marketers a bad name. Shame on you! I adulation my Indies and all musicians and artists and it hurts to see them taken advantage of. Try addition niche’ – maybe humans who charge business advice in affairs rockets or automated articles and services. BUT – Leave Our Music Niche’ Alone!!


The Power of Content Marketing Storytelling

3 Simple Means to Access Your Amusing Media Engagement

Once aloft a time your amusing media business activity was apparently abundantly focused on administration links to third-party agreeable with your audience. Well, those canicule are over, and if you wish to angle out in the awash and blatant online environment, you charge to focus on agreeable business storytelling.

We all adulation a acute story. Whether it’s an adventure, ball or bogie tale. Belief access people’s emotions, which we as marketers apperceive can again access affairs decisions and cast loyalty.

According to Jennifer Aaker, a analyst and assistant at Stanford University, belief are up to 22 times added memorable than facts.

Here’s a abundant archetype of how a amorous chance inspires, promotes and increases adherence and amusing media engagement. SoulCycle is a contemporary spinning flat that entices humans to try out a adequately cher chic by application an affecting narrative.

This is aswell an archetype of cast positioning, but SoulCycle acclimated it as a agreeable section beyond online platforms and on flat walls:

So how can you absorb chance cogent into your business business efforts? Here’s 3 simple means to get started with:

1. Lights, Camera, Engagement

One of the top means to acquaint absorbing belief is with video. I afresh abounding Amusing Media Business World in San Diego, and this was apparently the better takeaway: you charge to be absorption on video if you wish to access your amusing media engagement.

I apperceive some humans abhorrence getting in foreground of a camera, but there are a few means to accomplish it easier.

For example, if you’re a activity coach, you could actualize abbreviate videos answering accepted questions your admirers face such as Am I in the appropriate career? How can I be happier in my relationship?

It feels abundant added adequate and accustomed to allege about what you know, and you ability acquisition yourself in fact adequate it.

You could sit in your office, alfresco with a cup of coffee… whatever puts you at affluence and creates a nice artful for humans to attending at.

If you’re still afraid your head, how about creating videos that affection added experts (who aren’t competitors) or application adumbration and argument to acquaint a abbreviate story? A activity drillmaster could allotment cartoon with adorning quotes set to music or shoot a admirable aurora and ask followers: What are you beholden for today?

Whether you’re application Facebook Live or creating 15-second clips to allotment on Instagram, use the platforms your ambition admirers does and alpha shooting!

2. Lose the Links on Facebook

It’s now accepted ability that Facebook banned the ability of your column if you cover a link. If you allotment a column after a link, your assurance is abundant higher. We’ve apparent his appear and accept afflicted our Facebook business means accordingly.

It’s not just Facebook who doesn’t wish to see a agglomeration of links-it’s your audience. Humans like to appoint with a cast and accept accurate conversations, not just be fed a abiding beck of links to accordant content.

You can absolute your links by creating videos with calls to action, absorption added on problems and solutions your artefact and casework offer, and allurement your followers questions they’ll wish to answer.

3. Add Added Humanness

I kept audition the chat “humanness” at the conference. It relates to the simple abstraction of creating a added accurate chance by getting yourself to affix with your audience.

Warby Parker is an affordable eyeglasses aggregation that focused their cast accession about humanness. They never marketed to their admirers by adage something like “We advertise bargain eyeglasses for the accomplished family!”

Instead, analysis out the chance they acclimated beyond all of their channels:

“Every abstraction starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive. We were acceptance if one of us absent his glasses on a backpacking trip. The amount of replacing them was so top that he spent the aboriginal division of alum academy after them, squinting and complaining. (We don’t acclaim this.) The blow of us had agnate experiences, and we were afraid at how harder it was to acquisition a brace of abundant frames that didn’t leave our wallets bare. Where were the options?”

Remember, cogent a chance is not advised to be a sales tool! Your end ambition is of advance to abound leads and sales, but your absorbed should be architecture able relationships with your barter and online community. If you do that well, the blow will follow.

Don’t accept a way with words, or the time to alter all of your tasks, let abandoned focus on growing followers and engagement?

– How To Market Music